Causes of dead skin cells build-up and ways to remove them

Dead skin cells can make your skin appear very dull and sallow. They tend to collect on the outer surface of your skin and make your complexion appear very dull. If you have been dealing with this issue for quite some time now, chances are you haven’t been taking proper care of your skin. In addition to making your skin appear sallow, dead skin cells also end up clogging the pores, which can result in acne breakouts. For this very reason, everybody is encouraged to use a mild exfoliator to exfoliate their skin. It’s imperative to include exfoliation in your skincare routine; it helps to shed the layers of dead skin cells from your face, revealing a brighter and glowing complexion. While it’s easier to take care of this issue using an exfoliator, it’s also important to identify what’s causing the build-up of these dead skin cells so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future again.
Apart from mentioning some of the main reasons that are causing dead skin cells build-up, we have also listed some ways to get rid of dead skin cells.


Aging is one of the factors that are causing dead skin cells build-up. Since aging is a natural process and everything happens naturally, your natural skin starts to shed and the production of your skin’s natural oils also depletes. This, in turn, makes your skin very dry and the dead skin cells keep building on the surface of the skin.

Skipping exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most crucial steps of your skincare routine; you cannot afford to skip it, especially if you have been dealing with dull and sallow skin. Not exfoliating your skin or skipping it for days can allow the dead skin cells to linger on your skin for a longer period, and that can make things worse. Exfoliation not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells but it also helps with other skin issues, such as helping to fade acne scars, increasing blood circulation, and much more. You should exfoliate your face twice a week, it will help to unclog the pores and make it easier for other skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin, which will make your skin appear clear and radiant.

Applying the wrong moisturizer

Exfoliation and cleansing are two of the main keys to keeping those dead skin cells at bay, but your moisturizer also plays the key role here. While using a wrong moisturizer on your skin is one of the biggest sins to commit, skipping it in your skincare routine is an even bigger sin. No matter your skin type, you should always use the moisturizer, irrespective of the season. Dry and dehydrated skin is one of the main reasons for dead skin cells build-up, and they not only make your skin appear dull but also prevent other skincare products from penetrating into your skin and deliver the results.
Ways to get rid of dead skin cells:


Exfoliation is possibly the best way to get rid of dead skin cells. You should use a mild exfoliator/scrub to get the job done. Using a harsh scrub can leave micro-tears on your skin and leave it damaged. Therefore, you should always include a mild scrub in your routine to get rid of dead skin cells.
Use a lightweight moisturizer
The right moisturizer can help your skin in plenty of ways. And when it comes to picking one for yourself, you should always use a lightweight moisturizer. You can apply it after you are done exfoliating your skin. It won’t only keep your skin hydrated and soft but will also help to speed up the process of skin cell renewal, which, in turn, would keep the dead skin cells at bay.

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