Breezy ways to add yellow to your summer makeup routine

The summer season is most often associated with the color yellow and quite honestly we can think of no other shade that looks half as good as yellow does during this time. It is both cheerful and summery, and that’s just the perfect amount of jazz we need to add to our summer looks. You may think of your clothes, shoes, and bags as the only means of incorporating this color to your looks but there are some ways that can help you include this beautiful shade in your makeup routine as well. And being a makeup buff that we are, we most certainly cannot skip on incorporating this super gorgeous shade in our makeup looks this summer. It is a fun way to add some summer drama to your look and give yourself a summer makeover. While we understand that experimenting with this shade may afraid you a bit due to its super bright appearance but when incorporated the right way, it can actually bring the best out of your makeup look.
We have jotted down a list of all the wonderful ways to include yellow color in your makeup routine and the best part; you can wear it on an everyday basis without looking extra.

Apply it on your lids

The easiest way to incorporate this beautiful color into your makeup routine is by applying it to your lids. And in this case, bright yellow can look OTT, therefore, you can consider switching it with a muted shade like mustard color which is not only easy to wear but it also looks super bomb. Apply the color all over your lids and make your eyes look more defined by applying black eyeliner and also volumizing mascara to make them look bigger and better. Also, keep the rest of your makeup pretty simple and minimal so that your eyes can do all the talking and make a statement on their own.

Line your waterline

Take your makeup game one step ahead by applying a yellow eyeliner to your waterline. While this makeup trick may seem a little intimidating at first, but you have got to believe us, the end results can be pretty shocking in a good way. You can easily find kohl in this shade which when applied on the waterline looks surprisingly amazing. It also adds a brightening effect to the eyes and makes them pop out. This makeup trick will work great on girls who have got small eyes.

Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

Dramatic much? Well, it may seem a little too much at first but things can be easily balanced out by keeping the rest of your makeup minimal. Take a glittery yellow color and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes which will instantly brighten up your eyes and add a needed drama to the look. Complete your makeup look by filling in your brows, applying fluttery eyelashes, and nude lip color and voila! You will be good to go.

Paint your nails yellow

There can be no better way to incorporate yellow color to your look than painting your nails. It is an amazing alternative for those who are not willing to incorporate yellow color to their face. Look for bright yellow nail color and paint your fingernails as well as toenails with the same shade. If you have got plenty of time then you can also do some nail art on your fingernails to add some quirky and fun element to your manicure. Also, brightly painted nails will work towards making your skin look lighter which is an added advantage.

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