Body Hair Removal Guide – Methods and Tips

Body Hair Removal Guide – Methods and Tips

Getting rid of excess body hair is a regular thing for many of us. The removal process could be excruciating for some of us while easygoing for many depending on tolerance, sensitivity, and the method put into action. It is almost impossible for some of us to think of a lot of hair on our bodies. Such excess, if you have, or if it’s just light growth, it becomes a hindrance in the proper cleansing of the dermis. This is why many of us prefer to get our hair removed so that we have a better grip on our overall hygiene.

Let us the various methods of body hair removal and some useful tips to ace them!


  1. Hot Wax

This one is the most commonly used method for body hair removal. Here are some points to consider before you go for this.

  • It is painful
  • It clears out the skin with the removal of dead skin cells
  • Cold waxing is more painful and results in harder growth
  • Pre-waxing exfoliation is important
  • Not meant for sensitive areas, results in a tear
  • Can get sticky afterward, oil helps to remove it.
  • Hot wax has a lot of varieties like aloe, shea, avocado, rose, honey, chocolate, etc.

Hot Wax

  1. Laser

The most effective method of hair removal is through laser. The following points may help to get through this procedure.

  • It is costly
  • Not to get tan before or after
  • the procedure needs multiple sessions
  • It gives long-lasting results (for 6 months or so)
  • It is painless
  • Works most effectively on short hair, some trimming needed
  • Can be used all over the body
  • Perfume or deodorant application to be avoided


  1. Shave

Shaving is the easiest way to get rid of your body hair. But here are some do’s and don’t’s that one should not miss!

  • Can be done at home
  • Can work on any lengths
  • Overdoing shaving can cause irritation, in-grown hair, or pili multigemini
  • It is easy to do
  • Should not be done in sensitive areas
  • Cuts the skin when done in haste
  • Pre-shave exfoliation is important to avoid dotted skin


  1. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are great to be done at home. The strong chemical composition of such creams removes hair a little deeper. You may like to read the following points first before trying this one out.

  • It is very effective
  • It is a painless procedure
  • Can be done on any length of the hair
  • Should not be used on sensitive areas of the body
  • The strong smell can be overwhelming, prefer a non-fragrant one
  • Can also burn the skin resulting in irritation
  • The area of application needs to be dry
  • Results in smooth skin

Depilatory Creams

  1. Epilators

Epilators are hair removal machines that conveniently cut hair so smoothly that you don’t even know. Consider the following points before using this handheld device.

  • They are much safer options
  • Removes hair from the very surface, so the hair comes back quickly
  • It is a painless device to use on the skin
  • It can be used in sensitive areas of the skin
  • The device is expensive
  • Can be used when in a hurry



You are now fully prepared to get your hair removal done with the most effective methods and tips. You have been made aware of the various procedures which will help you get rid of unwanted hair. Choose the one that suits you and your skin the best. If you have been waxing your body hair often, trying laser would be a big relief and a time saver. If you want to save yourself some time and save the painful part, trying epilators would be a nice idea. Go figure!

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