Best swimsuits that flatter every body type

When it comes to fashion and clothing, then there is nothing that gives women more anxiety than a swimsuit. Either they get conscious about not having a perfect bikini or beach body or they can’t find themselves a perfect swimsuit that flatters their body. First of all ladies, there is no such thing about having a perfect bikini body. You can wear a swimsuit no matter what size you are. Just remember, to wear it with confidence.

Although you can wear any swimsuit you feel beautiful and confident in, there is a way to find the right piece for yourself while you can that flatters your body and accentuate your body features. From curvy and athletic to small bust and big butt. There are swimsuits designed for every body type. To make the swimsuit hunting process a little easier for you we have come up with some tips to take into consideration while purchasing your new bikini set/swimsuit.


From pear and apple-shaped to the hourglass figure, we can’t keep track of ways a women’s body has been categorized into. If you are well aware of your body shape that’s excellent and if not you need not fret. As we will be guiding you in an elaborative way too. But first, we will take your body shape into consideration.


If you are small on the top and curvier from the bottom, then you most probably have a pear-shaped body type. The key to finding the right match is to balance out your proportions. Opt for mix and match bikini set. And emphasize on your upper half by opting for patterned, embellished or ruffled tops to draw the eye upwards. Pair it with plain dark-colored bottoms.


Broad on the top and lean at the bottom probably means you have an apple-shaped body type. Opt for a bra-like bikini top which offers good support to your upper curvy half and flatters those assets. And bikini bottom with a little detailing to balance out everything.


Having an equal size of curves both at the top and bottom mostly means you have a classic hourglass figure. Most of the swimsuits flatter this body type but you can be a little experimental with 1 piece or 2 piece swimsuit with cutouts at the waist to emphasize your curves.


Small bust and bigger bust to flat butt and bigger butt, every woman has different body concerns when adorning a swimsuit. Not that any such thing matters, one should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. But some like being comfortable while wearing the right swimsuit.


Finding a bikini top for women with smaller busts can be really challenging. To create an illusion of bigger bust their best bet can be to opt for a top with loud patterns, embellishments or ruffles to add some volume.

In case of bottoms too, even a little detailing helps like frills and ruching as they create an illusion of bigger back. Opting both the top and bottom in bright colors can help with some distraction.


Girls with bigger chests should stay away from any top which comes with any detailing like embellishments, frills, ruffles, etc. to avert attention from your chest. Opt for tops that offer support to the bust. Underwire tops work the best here and also look for ones that come with wider straps and are adjustable.

If you have got that big booty, then it’s best to stay away from swimsuits with skimpy or high cuts as it may not provide you the right coverage. Opt for designs with print on the top and solid at the bottom to balance out your body.

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