Best Eye Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Season

Best Eye Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Season

Eye makeup forms an integral part of a full-face glam, Little goes far. Eyes pop out easily with a little bit of effort and they come to notice no matter what you do to them, even nothing. This is why we have to pay some attention to the eyes for the overall glam to show better. Here we are especially discussing 5 such ideas for eye makeup that will help you through the upcoming holiday season. They are fabulous and easy to pull off and bring your eyes up as the most powerful and impactful part of the face.


  1. Nude Matte

Nude makeup is a go-to these days. But to have a mattified effect on top of that is hard to pull off. Nevertheless, the look is quite simple and fascinating. Talking about the eye, trace the lid with some matching concealer and top it off with a nude shade of brown. Furthermore, add hints of golden glitter lining the lash line and point to the center of the lid. Add in the lightest highlight in the inner corner of the eye.

Nude Matte

  1. Glitter Show

This one is a very dramatic eye makeup look but super fascinating. Begin by drawing a black wing from the outer corner of the eyes and end around the end of the eyebrows. Then bring the end of the line to the inner corner of the eye but circle around and bolden the lower lash line. The shape so formed should look like a leaf. Now with kohl, fill in the lower lash line and then fill in the shape with wet gold glitter.

Glitter Show

  1. Nude With a Twist

Pat in a soft brown matte shade all over your lids then with a bit deeper brown shade begins to draw a wing and line your crease softly. Deepen the wing side with some precision. Bring in a twist using a liquid silver glitter eyeshadow paint, and paint your lashes like mascara, this will compliment your nude eyeshadow with an admirable and versatile twist. Don’t forget to over the lower lash line and highlight the brow bone.

Nude With a Twist

  1. Smokey Glitter

Deep smokey eyes look so fabulous on an outfit. In addition to that, the smokey spread can be further accentuated with some sparkle. Put a neutral shade of brown on your lids and brush up the desired shape then pack in your favorite color all over the lids but not beyond. Then you would have to put the matching shade of glitter, gold, silver, or other than neutral. This would be a festival-friendly approach to eye makeup.

Smokey Glitter

  1. Bold Shadow

Bolden the eyes with kohl pencil fully, specifically deepen the lower lash line. Smudge the same closely on both the upper and the lower lash lines. The lower smudge should extend to meet the upper spread to form a straight wing. This would be empress-style smokey eye leaving the lids. Then you can work on the upper lid with the darkest shade of brown to finish off the black smudge.

Bold Shadow

Now that you have read what things you can do to make your eyes stand out and bring a heavy impact, you are ready for great makeovers for the holiday. The facial makeup would have to be coordinated well with your eye makeup concept. If you are using any colors other than neutrals, you would have an option for the lips and accessories. The best-performing makeup looks are well-structured, after all. Experiment with the above-given ideas and see how well you glow up in the holiday season.

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