Best Creative Lip Looks For Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here and while you are busy shopping for clothes, accessories, and home décor, there needs to be some focus on yourself too. Makeup is a great way to brush up on the holiday feels. One has to feel festive from within, doesn’t one? So what should you exactly do to stand out?

Let us bring the focus to what can be done with the lips that carry the potential to make all the impact all alone. There is enough to do your lips creatively so that on selective days, you might want to enjoy a fun-loving side of yours.


  1. Snowflakes

How to?

Paint your nails in a deeper shade of blue, preferably Prussian Blue. Then with a very fine brush, pick some white eyeliner and draw 2-3 variedly sized snowflakes at one end of the upper lip and then on the alternate side of the lower lip. Put some fine dots here and there. This would be a great lip design for winter when you are expecting snowflakes around you. Top it up with some glitter dots to bring out the full effect.


  1. Sparkly Peaches

How to?

Gather your glitter flakes because you would be needing a lot of them. First, put on peach pink lipstick. After that, you would need to section your upper as well as your lower lips. Starting from one end, begin pasting peach sparkly glitter flakes and make a gradient towards the other end with silver ones. Do the same with the lower lip but from the alternate side. This is quite a work and not everyone can pull it off, however, it is perfect for the holiday season.

Sparkly Peaches

  1. Studded Vampiress

How to?

Start by creating a beautiful vertical gradient using dark violet, violet, and white lipstick. Use the darkest shade of violet on the outer ends of both the upper and lower lips and make sure to cover some distance. Put some violet and then white in the middle. Then smudge carefully to create the desired effect. After you are done with the paint, use some round rhinestones over the white (center) part of your lips and finish off irregularly.

Studded Vampiress

  1. Bejeweled Ruby

How to?

Do a classic red lip. Then if you feel that this might not be as wonderful as you want it to be, although a red lip is always enough, keep some ruby-hued rhinestones on your side. This will give you the ultimate edge over all your girl mates. Put on the red/ruby rhinestones over all your upper and lower lips. Or you can put all of them congested on any one lip, upper or lower. There is a third option where you put the rhinestones on only one side of both lips and they faint towards the other end.

Bejeweled Ruby

  1. Dracula

How to?

This one is the most fun and can be your go-to Halloween! You first need to work your way out for a nice dark ombre to come out perfectly. Outline the lips with a black lip pencil and have your black lipstick outline well too thereafter. With some little spots left in the middle, mix in some maroon-red color with the outwardly black shade. You now have a perfect ombre to work with. Now using white eyeliner, brush on a big downward triangle, two on the lower lip precisely where your actual incisors are.


These graceful, witty, and creative lip designs will make anyone stand out because the designs will speak volumes for themselves. Yes, you would need to do some work with your outfit selection so they don’t lend the attention that your lips deserve. The styles of paintings of the lips require a lot of focus and if you don’t have the desired finish, your embellishments might not want to stick on for long. Also, if you are not comfortable with them, prefer painting something simpler. These were some ideas for your holiday season that were super fun to try.

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