Beauty products every working woman should have in her desk drawer

Being a lazy bum is fine, but it feels very empowering to be a working woman, no matter your job. It helps in building our confidence level and developing personality, which certainly helps every person in the long run. While being independent is just a whole different kind of feeling, do you know what makes us feel more confident about ourselves? The way we carry ourselves and that not includes your clothes or attitude but your outer appearance as well. Just because you are juggling your office and home at the same time, it doesn’t mean you will let your hectic schedule come in between you and your beauty game.
The way you smell or the way your makeup or hair looks can affect your confidence level, and if you don’t want these tiny things to come in the way of you looking your absolute best, then we would recommend having a few beauty products in your desk drawer that will help to keep you on the top of your beauty game.

Lip balm

Lips tend to get pretty dry and chapped in a closed air-conditioned office. In addition to that, the regular use of matte lipsticks can further make them dryer, and the best way to curb dryness is to use a hydrating and nourishing lip balm. Keep any lip balm of your choice in your desk drawers at all times, you can swipe it across your lips once or twice throughout the day while you are in the office. This will make sure that your lips remain hydrated all the time.

Hand cream

If you are someone who always does their morning skincare and beauty routine in a jiffy, chances are you never get the chance to apply a nourishing cream to your hands. Your hands deserve as much attention as your facial skin gets. Keeping them devoid of moisture can make them look rough and dry, thereby; you should always keep a hand cream in your desk drawer to keep them baby soft.


Compact is literally a life savior for a lot of us, especially the ones who have oily skin. This product is an easy solution for fixing the parts of your face that look extra oil and greasy. Just dab the powder over those areas, and it will give you a beautiful, matte finish.


Just one swipe of beautiful lipstick on your lips can instantly uplift your mood. Therefore, you must have at least one gorgeous lip shade in your desk drawer at all times. It will also come in handy on days when you have a sudden plan and you need to quickly switch your look. You can keep either a pink or red lipstick in your drawer, you can never go wrong with these two shades, and they also add needed drama to your look.


Bad body odor can be a major turn off for anyone. And if you struggle with sweaty underarms on an everyday basis, having a roll-on in your desk drawer will keep you from smelling bad. Also, when you smell good, your confidence level automatically increases. Look for a roll-on that is alcohol-free and has a soft and floral fragrance to it.
Dry shampoo
The struggle of dealing with bad hair days can be far too real. This is where dry shampoo comes into the picture. It can be your literal life savior, and it’s not always convenient to carry it around with you in your bag all the time. Therefore, keep it in your office desk drawer, and whenever the need comes, you can use it to fix your hair.

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