Beauty hacks to keep your skin glowing during winters

The winter season might be the most fun and exciting season amongst all because of the good things it comes with like ice skating, indulging in some hot chocolate session, having sips of hot coffee, etc. but one cannot deny the fact that it can be really harsh on your skin. The decreased temperature and the decreased level of moisture in the air can easily take a toll on your skin and soon with the arrival of winters, our skin starts to react adversely making it appear flaky and dry. Apart from flakiness and dryness, our skin also starts to appear dull if not properly looked after. However, by making a few changes to your skincare and make up routine, you can prevent your skin from getting wear down by winter. You don’t need to change the entire routine drastically, taking small baby steps will help you to get a better hang of the things and will eventually get you used to the new winter skincare and makeup routine. Products that are filled with moisture and hydration are the way to get your game strong and make your skin appear glowing during the winters as well.

We have made a list of 5 beauty hacks that will help to keep your skin glowing even during winters.

Tinted moisturizers

Move over simple moisturizers and foundations, and get yourself a tinted moisturizer that can either be in the form of a bb cream or cc cream. Yes, you heard it right! Bb or cc cream is the answer to your winter skin woes. It not only acts as a moisturizer but also helps to even out your skin tone and will provide nourishment to your skin. You can safely rely on these creams over a foundation as it can be too drying on skin during winters. So, for daily use you can stick to these tinted moisturizers, however, if you have a wedding or event to add and you are aiming for a full coverage look then you can go for a foundation.

Oil-based foundations

We won’t suggest you to apply foundation on a daily basis, but if you are required to use it to create a full coverage look for an event or wedding then make sure to use an oil-based one as other formulated foundations like powder-based or mattifying ones can easily make your skin to dry out and make it appear patchy. The better your skin is hydrated the better your skin and foundation will look, so always make sure to apply a moisturizer before putting on the foundation for a glowing and refreshed skin.

Lip balms for the rescue

Lip balms can be your literal best friend during the winter season. We all know how chapped and dry our lips get during this season and that is when a lip balm comes to our rescue. Keeping them plumped and moisturized with the use of a chapstick of your favorite flavor can help to keep your lips healthy during winters. You can either go for a tinted lip balm to add color to your lips or you can slather a layer of it on your lips before putting on the lipstick.

Face mist

To keep your skin and makeup looking fresh the entire day, a quick touch up with a face mist instead of compact will help your skin in a better and effective way. Compact can be too drying on your skin as it penetrates deep into the pores making your face appear dry. Whereas a few spritzes of face mist will help to keep your skin looking refreshed and dewy throughout the day.

Use brush or sponge for blending

While most of the girls rely on their fingers to put the products on their face, but the dry and cold weather makes it difficult for your fingers to work effectively and blend the product nicely. Instead, you can rely on the sponges or the brushes to blend the product and make sure that the tool is dampened to apply the base. Doing so will make sure that the product blends seamlessly into your skin and appears flawless.

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