Awesome Christmas Party Eye Makeup Ideas

Awesome Christmas Party Eye Makeup Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and we all are waiting eagerly to be a part of Christmas parties soaked in with songs and dances. The festive spirit seems to crawl in fast, doesn’t it? You must be engaged in preparing for your most looked-forward-to time of the year. The shopping must be taking too much time. Well, you can be helped to some extent. As far as the makeup part is concerned, you can experiment with a lot of colors and glitters to achieve a certain look with ease.


Here we are discussing some eye makeup ideas for Christmas that are inheritably inspired by the atmosphere. You are going to love all of these!


  1. Red and Green Glitter Combo

Put on a deep red shadow all over your lid after you have primed your eyes. Use a flat brush to pick up wet red glitter and smudge all over your lids not getting close to the lash line. Now using green glitter paint, line your lash line and create a wing at the end. You should get red glittery eyes with a green wing and a red shadow coming from behind. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with a golden shimmer.

Red and Green Glitter Combo

  1. LED Lights

Create a soft nude eye look first with a cut-crease. The crease then has to be lined using black eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eye and ending towards the end of the eyebrow with a slight curve. Now using very fine earbuds, put different colored dots alternatively across the crease line you drew. Make sure to put white dots in them. The brow bone would need to be highlighted with gold or silver shimmer and some dark eyeliner would help as always.

LED Lights

  1. Green Feline Eyes

Going bolder with this one for sure, create a cut-crease with the underneath covered in green eyeshadow and the crease above in red. Separate the two colors with a glitter lining and finish off with a feline-style eyeliner fashion. Take an important note here, let the glitter lining and the eyeliner so a structure is achieved. This will come out bold and hefty yet very much in the Christmas tone.

Green Feline Eyes

  1. Bold Green Glitters

Create a bold smoky-eye look. Go with the standard steps needed for a smoky-eye look. Skipping the last step of putting the darkest shade you desire, put on Christmas green glitter all over the eyelid and let that fade away towards to outer end of the eye. Let the dark nude shade flare out towards the eyebrow bone. Highlight the brow bone slightly and the inner corners fully. Have your sassiest pair of falsies put on.

Bold Green Glitters


  1. Cute Santa

A cute Santa includes a slight dash of red for someone who wants to act in the endeavor subtly. Here you would put on black or darkest brown eyeliner and also a dramatic wing at the end. Then proceeding further from the end curve, start lining the crease and come down to the inner corner of the eye but don’t touch. Fill the lid with golden or rose pink glitter and finish off with stark red eyeshadow right below the lash line.

Cute Santa


The ideas that were discussed are meant for the holiday season. They are a playful mix of colors and there is less focus on the technique part and more on the creativity part. You see there is a lot of eyelid painting moment going on rather than holding the brush a certain way, putting the product in a specific fashion, or doing the shadow work. Since art has no limit, your creativity for your makeup. There are some simple options too for those who like a classic look at festivals. See what fits you the best!

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