A perfect guide to wearing pastels

Amongst the list of so many trends, we have this one fashion trend we have been eyeing on. We are talking about the very famous trend of wearing pastels that has made quite a stir in the world and is being loved by so many celebrities as well as influencers. We can assure you this trend is going to stay here for a while and will be introduced in all possible forms. However, when it comes to wearing pastels, we girls as well as some women often struggle with making it work on ourselves. The key to nailing pastel look is to make everything look balanced and well put together.

For all the girls who dearly love these super soft, romantic and airy pastel shades, we may tell you it is the perfect way of sprucing up your look with some innocent and romantic elements. We spotted many shades this year, from powdery mint to pale pink, with each color looking as amazing as any other color. We have formed a list of some tips and tricks that will ensure you look perfectly amazing and not like you have stolen some clothes from a little girl’s wardrobe.

Read on to know.

Don’t go overboard with pastel look

We understand you love adding pastels to your look, but overdoing it isn’t really necessary. What you need to understand is, the key to making your pastels work is to keep everything as simple as possible and make it look properly balanced out. Going all the way out, for instance, pastel outfit, pastel shoes, pastel accessories are only going to end up making you look no less than a pastry saleswoman. Keep your accessories neutral; black, white and other neutral shades will do the job perfectly well and give you the look you were looking forward to create.

Team it up with neutrals

Some neutral shades like grey, cream, beige and coffee tones go really well with your pastel colors. It basically balances the too much girly appearance of the pastels and adds some neutrality to it, making it appear chic and feminine at the same time. For instance, you can carry a coffee or cream-colored blouse underneath your pastel pantsuit.

Mix and match pastel colors

Of course, you can wear your pastel outfits by mixing and matching with other pastel pieces. All the colors go amazingly well with each other and can be mixed and matched as per your preference. Another great thing about that is you can incorporate more than 2 shades in your look but as we said before, don’t go overboard with pastels and try keeping the balance by pairing it with neutrals. However, if you are dealing with clothes that feature too much detailings such as cuts, designings, etc. then this color blocking thing will not work here.

Wear pastels according to your skin tone and hair

In order to make sure pastels work for you, it’s best to opt for shades that will go well with your skin tone as well as your hair so that they look flattering on you. As far as women with light skin tone are concerned, tones of coffee color and rich pastel colors look really amazing on them. And for girls with darker skin tone, lighter and creamy colors go perfectly well in your case. Pastels are considered to be the best choice for girls with blonde hair, no matter what type of blonde it is. While in the case of women who are brunette and redheads can start to look really pale if they carry too many pastel shades at once, adding a bright contrast to your pastel outfits in the form of accessories will do the job for you.

Pastels go perfectly well with black and white

You can never go wrong with pairing your pastel outfits with black and white colored pieces. While black color adds a little element and drama to the look and makes your ensemble appear modern and polished, white color adds more softness and femme vibe to the look, whilst perfectly balancing the harmony between the two shades. For instance, you can easily pair your pastel jeans with a black and white top. Finish off the look by adding a bright colored shoes to your ensemble.

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