5 Different Styles of French Manicure  

5 Different Styles of French Manicure  

Nails are an opportunity to showcase your talent, creativity, and your beautiful personality. What you do with your nails doesn’t only reflect your health but also tells off of your tastes and we know how well-loved French manicure is across the globe. People of all skin colors and tones can wear a French manicure, such is the versatility. So let us have a look over the different types of manicures and how to go about them to have an elegant manicure throughout the seasons.


  1. Outlined Tip

This one is unique and needs a lot of detailed work. Plus, it is hard to achieve at home so you can only trust a professional and seasoned nail artist for this one. The nail tip (the nail away from your fingertips) is not painted in any color here. The whole nail is left bare and the extra nail is focused upon. The tip is finely outlined with white nail lacquer just like drawing that extra nail out. This is a super-minimalistic approach to manicure art.

Outlined Tip

  1. Gradient with White

The nail, on the whole, isn’t painted. Rather this style comes with extending the white nail tip upwards to present a decorous white gradient. But the nail is not painted fully across length and breadth. This needs precision because the gradient should only reach half of the nail length and not go beyond.

Gradient with White

  1. V-shaped Tip

The curved tip for this one, wouldn’t change, but how the curves have turned! The bare nail is outlined not in a curved fashion but creates a stilettos nail shape. This trick makes your nails look longer and sharper if you have long nails, for short nails, it might not bring out the same impact. The tip remains white.

V-shaped Tip

  1. Not White

Well, there is no rulebook to dictate what color we should choose to look our elegant best. So whether you are styling the curve of your nail tip elegantly or dramatically, make sure to choose any color from the color chart and fancy them. Match with your outfit, create a contrast, keep it subtle with nude colors, or let a misfit color fit in! This way you can stylize your nails as you wish.

Not White

  1. Metallic End

The edgy manicure is here! You might like to paint your nails for this style but you can skip this part here. The nail tip here, keeping a minimum length or maximum, is painted in gold or silver to carve it out or is pasted with metallic tip stickers. This style sounds oddball but once you try this, you will know how beautiful it turns out. All your black outfits would love it and adorn it the most. Suddenly you’ll realize how little effort can bring out the maximum effect!

Metallic End

Apart from these types, there is another unique concept to try on. That is to have a printed tip. Suppose you are wearing a panther print dress, what should you do with your nails apart from painting them all in black or brown? Wouldn’t it be great if your nail artist created the same print on your nail tips (a little bigger tip would be helpful)? Consider!


So, now you know how creative you can get with your manicure. Change color, change brush setting, change gradience and you are a completely different person! Make sure to take a picture of what you desire for the salon so that your nail artist has a clear view of your vision. French manicure is often picked in official visits because of its straightforwardness and clarity but with these simply elegant variations, you can go for an easy change. Be beautiful!

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