5 Eye Make-Up Ideas For a Fun Party Animal

5 Eye Make-Up Ideas For a Fun Party Animal

Are you looking forward to an event and need ideas for glam-up? It is understandable why you are confused and unsure about selecting the best one for yourself to match the outfit you might have chosen or plan to purchase. It would be great if you picked the outfit first and proceeded afterward. Once you know what you are wearing and understand the degree of formality anticipated at the party, you can decide on hair, makeup, and shoes too.

The makeup can get as crazy as you would like it to be so there’s no point holding yourself back. Here are the top 5 suggestions for eye makeup if you are headed to a party.


  1. Bold and Winged

To get this eye look you would need to cut crease your eyes first with black eyeliner gradually moving away from the eyelids and ending up with a wing. Finish off the wing by lining it up with the lower lash line. Now fill the winged outline of your crease with black eyeliner/eye shadow paint and let dry. Heavy your lashes with mascara to create an emboldened deep effect. This way your eyes will attract all the attention (go for peach or neutral base makeup and lips).

Bold and Winged

  1. Sparkle and Glam

This is the fun recreational makeup where we use a lot of dark eyeshadow base smoked out with lighter shades. Then a metallic cream eyeshadow is glided all over. Prefer an eyeshadow that gives a lot of shine and smoothness over your eyelids. A chrome eyeshadow would give a boost to your look! Now that your eyes are shining and glossy, do the same for your lips, make them pout better with a colored gloss. Highlight your cheeks and your brow bone for a wetter look.

Sparkle and Glam

  1. Party Theme

Up for a Halloween party? Don’t shy away from painting your eyes scary. In vogue are face painting styles where an image can be drawn on the face and well on the eyelids. This way you can incorporate the decided theme of the party more creatively and garner attention. The images would create an unfathomable spectacle and transform your makeup beyond limits because you can draw up anything and everything here.

Party Theme

  1. Hot and Smokey

Work your way with a blending eye brush and spread red/deep brown cream eyeshadow over your crease and inner corner of the eye. Then paint black to blend in with the previous hue so there is a gradient effect coming up. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner with light glitter-based eyeshadow. Fake dramatic lashes can be added to add more drama. An equally deep bold lip or a glossy nude lip should be paired with it.

Hot and Smokey

  1. Eccentrical

Thinking out-of-the-box? Think more and you will end up with a fancy color that nobody would expect to be a pair. This works great all seasons. Have an all-black outfit? Switch to Navy blue glitter smokey eyes and make your eyes pop! Carrying a colorful dress? Go colorless and add white eyeliner strokes over your eyelids and even paint your mascara white or go as colorful as you are but with a different set of colors!


Your eye makeup game will be top-notch and reflect the creative you while you groove. Enjoy yourselves in your best observable self as you become the most dazzling person out there making heads turn. Wild hair or bossy hair would be great pairs for your dramatic eyes of yours. A fancying sleek outlook would turn out well for little toned-down party possibilities.

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