Nail Trends to Try in Fall Season!

Changing seasons means a change of colors around along with trends and fashion. People go from vibrant summer colors to deep fall/winter colors to accommodate the season around. There are going to be new colors, deeper tones, jewel hues, metallic colors, and others that would adorn this new season. You can get to style yourself up in these new colors and create your fall look. You need to style up in this look from head to toe and this also includes your nails. You cannot ignore your nails. There are several types of nail designs that you can work with such as chic and classic ones, metallic ones, grungy and so many more. Get the best kind of manicure that would make your nails look stylish and trendy.


1: French manicure With Black Tips

French manicure is a timeless classic that is suitable for all kinds of seasons, all kinds of events, and festivals. Although you can go with the regular french manicure, this season is going to be all about this manicure where the white tips are replaced by black color. This is a nice change that you can get when you want to go with the french manicure. This brings a new look and looks great for the fall, making your nails all sleek and trendy. You can add a thin line of white color as well for the design.


2: Metallic nails

Metallic nails are the new trend of the season. You can get these metallic looks with the help of nail paints in those shades or go with the foils that can stick on the nails and give a nice metallic look to them. These nail foils are hassle-free applications providing you with the right look. You can use foil for the shimmer, or metallic look, or can go with the classic gold nail paint for the right kind of metallic look.


3: Grunge Aesthetic Colors

Grunge aesthetic uses darker shades such as black, brown, green, etc and you can use these colors to get nice nail art. You can go with shades of brown and decorate them with flowers in darker shades and so on. You can draw things that are there in the aesthetic or can go with some embellishments. There are so many ideas that you can go within this nail trend and get to have great grunge nails.


4: Patterns of Crystals

Have you seen crystals and how they form different patterns with the colors, which make them so beautiful? What if you get the patterns that are present in the crystals on your nails? That would be so cool and stunning. These patterns look great on the nails and add to the whole style. You can go get them at your favorite nail salon. For the fall season, to go with the aura and vibe you might want to go for darker shades and get those patterns and decorate the nails.


5: Shimmery Jewel Tones

Jewel tones look exceptionally good. They are the shades of the fall season and thus you need to decorate your nails with these colors. If you go for a shimmery jewel tone or go for two tones, it makes the multidimensional look creating a nice manicure, perfect for parties. You can go with these shimmery jewel tones when you are going to a party or an event. Get nice nail art done on your nails to make them look great and ready for the fall season.


Get inspired by the list above or by your favorite celebrities and fashion enthusiasts when it comes to selecting the right kind of manicure that would make your nails look chic. You can go with different types of nails such as getting acrylic nails, gel, foil, stick, and so many others. Upgrade your nails by booking a salon appointment as soon as possible and looking for all the colors and styles that are going to be trending in the coming season. The ones mentioned in the list above are in demand. You can start your season with one of the above and then look for some other designs to make your fall full of fashion and styles.


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