6 Things You Will Need for Nude Makeup Look  

6 Things You Will Need for Nude Makeup Look

Nude makeup is the ultimate class. It is versatile and can be universally adapted to all skin tones. Nude makeup is about letting the best of your facial features bloom subtly by not giving too much attention to one. There are more neutral colors put to work but it is a puzzling task to figure out which shades will work best for your skin tone. Nevertheless, the look so achieved is phenomenal! The beauty of this style is that it is modern without the loud part. Here is a list of 6 essential items that you will need to get this makeup look.


A very basic step to get this look is often overlooked. That is to care for your skin because the idea here is to make your nude skin glow more and when your natural skin appears lifeless, so does your nude makeup. Moisturize those cheeks!


  1. Mascara

One can not go wrong with beautiful lashes but we are not doing anything extra! Extra single lashes can be put on to fill out spaces but keep it as subtle as possible or don’t use it at all. Mascara will give your lashes more color and length but not as much as those extravagant falsies do. This way your eyes will still look very natural and freshened up while vibing with your eyeshadow.


  1. Liquid Foundation Base

Well, any foundation would have worked, really, but liquids add more moisture onto your skin, making your face appear glistened up rather than super mattified because the natural skin doesn’t look like that. The base should be lighter in feel and exactly matching to your skin color. Applying minimum amounts of it only where it is needed will still create a flawless look. Don’t forget that your skincare has to do the magic here not the foundation!

Liquid Foundation Base

  1. Nude Lipstick or Lip Topper

Your lips can do wonders in your nude glam when done the right way. Many like to go with a matte lip finish of a shade of brown that appears closer to their tan and many keep it lustrous. This is one essential thing that you can never miss the shade you choose should not be eccentric but nude, as nude as possible or an ombre effect works as effectively if you have fuller lips. You can also opt for a glossy lip topper with a pink or beige sheen.

Nude Lipstick or Lip Topper

  1. Low-strength Highlighter

As we stressed earlier that this makeup look has to complement your natural features, and choosing a highlighter can up your makeup game. But here, we are looking for a natural look, so choosing a highlighter that is not highly pigmented is preferred. This is because a highlighter with a very heavy payoff will push out the uneven texture of your skin and because the skin is not supposed to glow that high, is it? Choose a color closer to what you see on your nose tip when light falls on your face and brush lightly.

Low-strength Highlighter

  1. Neutral Eyeshadow

Nude makeup wants neutral browns and blacks to work up. Here, you will need to see if your skin tone is more on the hotter side or the cooler side because this will dictate the choice of colors for your eyeshadow and blush. A paler skin will prefer cool-toned colors like ebony black, charcoal black, soot black, coffee, peanut, cedar, etc. Likewise, when you are the one with a warm undertone, choose a blush that brings out the natural flush of your cheeks and that will vary tremendously with skin colors.

Neutral Eyeshadow

  1. Eyeliner

The most fundamental aspect of nude makeup is a well-loved eyeliner that darkens the eye a bit. However, people like to go a bit off-concept when doing a liner. This is something that you can skip, totally, or do a brown instead of black.


Donning a 90s supermodel makeup look? Work out slowly with these elements to create a picture-perfect Cleopatra effect! The nude makeup varies according to skin color and tone. Choose carefully your weaponry to avoid loud and edgy makeup. Focussing on your brush techniques comes as an added advantage to creating a smooth finish. This will make sure that your makeup stays close to your natural tones.

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