Body Hair Shaving Do’s and Don’t’s

Body Hair Shaving Do’s and Don’t’s

Shaving is great for keeping your skin squeaky clean as it not only takes off hair but also brushes off plenty of dead skin. This is why your skin feels much smoother! However, it might be possible that one wants to shift from waxing to shaving to get rid of their body hair. So, here is a list of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do while you are using a blade over your skin.


  1. Opposite Direction

It is a clear most logical way of shaving your hair efficiently. When you are shaving your body, make sure to follow the direction opposite to the direction of your hair growth (when the hair grows out of its follicle, it inclines in a direction naturally). Most often, the direction is downwards but see for yourselves. This makes your razor take a deeper impact on your hair and shaves it as closely from the roots as possible.

Opposite Direction

  1. Same Direction

You might want to switch to shaving specifically because getting your hair waxed out of sensitive body parts (privates, underarms) is a big deal for you (trust me, it is such for everybody). You might just be in a hurry because you don’t have a ready appointment and this seems risky. Don’t panic, you just need a clean shave that you haven’t used anywhere. Now, make sure to do small and slow strokes in the same direction as the hair has grown in your privates. The hair is a lot thicker and the skin is too soft for it to endure an aggressive opposite shave.

Same Direction

  1. Don’t Go Fast

Going fast while shaving can do more bad than shaving is to do good. Have a look.

You will:

  1. Miss shaving some spots
  2. Run over uneven skin and shave skin
  3. Shave too deep and initiate rash
  4. Over-shave, would not acquire the desired shape
  5. Become ignorant of hidden parts that grow hair too
  6. Do ineffective shaving, especially underarm

Don’t Go Fast

  1. Don’t Over-shave

There are times when we think of keeping hair out of sight for a longer period and in lieu of this, you might practice over-shaving, which means shaving even when there is no need to. This equates to unnecessarily torturing your skin’s surface. Wait for at least 3 days before you shave your entire existence again. This is because stripping the skin again becomes pointless especially when our skin is naturally mechanized to renew itself after 30 days or so. Do not overwork your skin. This will irritate just like over-exfoliation does.

Don’t Over-shave

  1. Moisturizing

Scrub your body skin lightly before you proceed with the shaving process. This gives clearer and stickiness-free skin for your razor to work efficiently over the surface. Apply a conditioning agent for your hair (use any shaving cream or a hair conditioner that can work very too) and make sure to work on wet skin only. After you have shaved your body hair, put on an ample amount of moisturizer all over your damp body to avoid irritation and retain moisture.


These were some tips to ace your shaving game with desired results. Like this, you are assured to have smooth and plump skin after you are done with the process. For a quick summary, you must remember to go slow and steady, use a sharp razor, and moisturize without delay. Keeping these things in mind, your process will be perfect. Shaving should always contribute to your hygiene and don’t solely do it for beauty’s sake. Keep your razor clean and do not use the same razor for any other part of your body.

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