4 Best Drinks for a Healthier Gut

4 Best Drinks for a Healthier Gut

Gut health is a prerequisite for overall well-being. This is because a bad digestive tract can obstruct the smooth functioning of other parts of the body. After all, the fuel is not absorbed the right way in the system. So, it becomes essential for all of us to focus on how we intake food and what we intake. This is exactly why we are presenting 5 drinks that you can have at different time slots around the day which will help you have trouble-free digestion through a healthy gut.


  1. Salted Yogurt Smoothie

This smoothie is to have a light consistency. Yogurt is known for its probiotic composition that eases the function of the guts by promoting good bacteria. It is to be made out of simple yogurt beaten and mixed half and half with lukewarm water. Add black salt and a teaspoon of granulated sugar to taste. Then, mix vigorously. This mix is easy to drink and should preferably be taken in between meals, once or twice daily.

Salted Yogurt Smoothie

  1. Banana Smoothie

There isn’t still a replacement for this beauty that contains sweet and slimy bananas and chia seeds. You only need warm milk let two sliced bananas and a spoonful of chia soak in the warm milk for a few minutes and then blend them all. You will get a smooth and thick glass of smoothie out of the blender. This is super easy to make, first, and secondly, it is a very safe option for days when you don’t have time to make yourself breakfast. The carbs and sugar in banana keep you feeling full and is easy on your tummy. Bananas help your bowels be more regular.

Banana Smoothie

  1. Fennel Seed Infusion

Fennel seeds are known to have detox and anti-inflammatory properties that help cleanse the gut especially when the intake has been poor in nutrient value or when you’ve eating oily foods. Your liver function will be easier with this drink and hence your tummy will be happier. Just soak a spoonful of fennel seeds overnight in a glass of water and boil it once the very next morning. Let cool. Add a pinch of black salt and gulp! You can take this infused tea at any hour of the day.

Fennel Seed Infusion

  1. Oats Smoothie

Oats’ high fiber content is a blessing for a hassle-free gut function as it regularizes bowels so you spend less time in the restroom. It not only is rich in anti-oxidants but also helps in regulating insulin sensitivity. Diabetic patients who have a hard time taking care of their gut can go for this drink option in the morning for its wonderful properties. Just boil 2 spoonfuls of oat flour in milk and let cool, the texture can be grainy but should be liquidy for sure. Grind along with a dash of pure honey, and add in your well-loved bits of cranberries and blueberries. Since the oats take a little longer to digest, they keep us feeling full for some time. Relish as your breakfast or snack!

Oats Smoothie

An important thing about regulating your digestion is to continue any new regimen for at least a month for its effect to show. You got to be regular with what you start and your stomach adapts to it slowly. With time, your bowels will become more regulated and timely, which is a common issue with people having an upset gut now and then. These drinks are not to be taken haphazardly, rather organize your food habits well in advance and incorporate one thing at a time. This will also let you know what is working and what is not.

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