Best Tips for Well-Shaped Eyebrows

Best Tips for Well-Shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a household menace among women. You are most ever conscious of them and yet find ways to ever curb that extra hair that spoils the shape of your eyebrows in a matter of days, right after you got them shaped. But all this hustle is pretty worth for it shapes your face and defines your sparkling eyes.

What are the best ways to have beautifully shaped eyebrows that uplift the look of your face and soften the facial makeup or define the face if needed? The answer lies in the approach. The answer can help you get through prolonged discussions over what works best for your face shape and what does not.


  1. Right Shape

You should understand, first, that the right shape is the shape gifted by god and that if you choose to maintain it like that, it will look as fine minus the efforts and salon visits. Plucking out a few hairs (or threading them) adds a lot of definition and seems to be the beauty standard of the time.

To start, begin to trace the outer corner of your eye, the outermost tip of your lips, and the end tip of your eyebrow in the same line. Then bring the starting tip of your eyebrows to begin from the exact point from where your nostrils rest. This creates a well-defined proportion on the face.

Right Shape

  1. Curb Chopping Off

We tend to be obsessed with the shape of our eyebrows and mistakenly chop off a little too much unnecessarily. We all have been guilty and regretted overdoing our eyebrows. Well, there is no point in taking out extra hair and then filling in the gaps with a pencil! So, the tip here is to never begin chopping without having a clear picture of what you want. Stick to the natural shape of your eyebrows as much as possible.

That is simply easier to maintain!

Curb Chopping Off

  1. Turning Photogenic

Have you ever had difficulty figuring out how much filling you need? You don’t need to stress much. You can simply take a spoolie and brush your eyebrows outwards and fill in and repeat the same step by brushing downwards. A beautiful pair of eyebrows don’t always come pricey. Take a photo of your face with natural eyebrows and see where you need to color exactly. Because the pictures were so taken often accentuate what is missing.

This way your eyebrows will smooth in pictures!

Turning Photogenic

  1. Gelling Well?

Many of us are sticking with the 90s eyebrow styles while many of us fangirling over bushier and feathered eyebrows. Whatever your style may be, putting some gel to shape those little hairs can help you stick to one shape for hours. Take a defined spoolie or brush and paint on some gel, tinted if you like, and focus on areas that need work. Uplift some hair and lay down some to create the perfect eyebrow shape.

Go for a more curved eyebrow for a naturally sharp face contour and vice versa for a more rounded face shape.

Gelling Well

  1. Plucking Extras

If you are brave enough to pluck a few hairs here and there, this shouldn’t hurt. If you just got your eyebrows done and feel like another occasion coming up or simply feel like being in shape, pluck out the extra growth fearlessly. Just remember not to unnecessarily begin shaping your eyebrows as you are likely to mess up the shape!

If you are looking for a workable touch up adjust the size quickly according to the proportions aforementioned first.

Plucking Extras

So these were some tips on how to have flawless eyebrows that have a good shape and can be maintained through and through. If you are a plucker or threader yourself, you are pretty much an expert in figuring out your way and don’t need a comprehensive booklet on the subject but if maintaining eyebrows and having them in the best shape is your concern, you need not get carried away with Scientology of that hair right above your beautiful eyes.

Remember, all eyes are beautiful and mysterious, and the paired eyebrow is made only for your eyes and nobody else’s.

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