5 Ways You Need to Try to Get Perfect Long Lashes  

5 Ways You Need to Try to Get Perfect Long Lashes  

Lash lines are a great concern in the beauty world because nobody has figured out what they can do to achieve uniformly fuller eyelashes naturally. It is greatly adored if you are gifted with such already and you are frequently complimented as a daily reminder of how blessed you are. But still, one doesn’t try one hack and get it in full fledge for a long time. So taking these reasons into account, here is a list of 5 things that you need to try if you desire such fuller lashes for your eyes too, they are natural, as well as, synthetic methods but they deliver what they say, so here we go!


  1. Supplements and Serums

Although these two things will only do the helping part, it would be how you maintain them through good food, fluid, and function. Daily intake of ample amounts of proteins, fats, and minerals along with water and workout or exercise can put your health into a more understandable perspective. This will get you through the blues of dull skin and poor hair growth, on the scalp or your lash line. There are numerous serums out there that will promise you results but it is always safest to go with natural oils that are known to boost hair growth like coconut, argan, or castor oil. Avoid getting anything unreliable close to your eyes.

As far as supplements are concerned, biotin is much relied upon but it is only good to carry on when you have deficiencies, really.

Supplements and Serums

  1. Falsies

False eyelashes come as pasties or with glue on the side that is put on one’s lashline above or below to fake a dense eyelash. It is a great way to an instant glam-up. The only trouble here is you will have to take it off once your day is over, before bed. But other than that, there is no trouble putting them on and besides that, there are varieties of false eyelashes to choose from based on the shape of your eyes. Picking wisely will always help, but here, you will get through the best eye look when you have sharpened them enough to look attractive based on their shape. If you had to cut or alter them a bit, do it!


  1. Individual Falsies

These false eyelashes can be in individual strings with only a few strands of lash hair pasted onto them. These short pasties can be used to fill in spaces more precisely. Because they are a shorter version of the former, they are more targeted and give out a more natural look that some of you might like kept in opposite to the extra long lashes. They can be added in the center of the lashline to make your eyes pop with bigger-looking eyes or you can add them at the end of the lashline to make your eyes look lengthier and sharper. It is indeed your call as to what your eyes demand.

Individual Falsies

  1. Mascara

A good old mascara never fails to disappoint. They have been around for quite a long time and they are still a favorite of most of the women exposed to the beauty world. This is because mascara effectively makes the lashes look denser and lengthier in a much more convenient way. Not only that, the mascara comes in many different styles, depending on how natural or how dramatic of a look you are targeting. Also, you can try out the various colors that they now come in!


  1. Extensions

Permanent eyelash extensions are still, extensions, they last ‘longer’ than most of the products out there and are achieved in sessions. This can be a sensitive process for many but they are quite impactful. They can be put on in a more customized fashion or can be loaded as some women like them. They need to be removed through another session as they begin to shed (gross!).


Regardless of what method you are rooting for, it is important and less heartbreaking to acknowledge the fact that they are only temporary. No matter what you are getting done. There is another way of presenting a full lashline, which is to get a fine eyeliner close to the upper lashline, but that too is temporary (unless you decide to get one tattoed). Nevertheless, these methods will stay with you through the occasion that you wish to put yourself in so you won’t be disappointed.

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