5 unconventional ways of getting your ears pierced

There are so many different trends that have been doing rounds all over the world, be it beauty trends, fashion trends, or any other trends, we just can’t get enough of these trends. And one of the many is this one trend that is gaining quite a popularity and is being adopted by both men and women. We are talking about the ear-piercing; now you may think what’s new about them, everybody gets their ear pierced at some point of time, well we completely agree, but today we are not going to talk about the regular piercings. Instead, we will be discussing about some of the ear piercings that are quite an unconventional way of getting your ear pierced. It is a perfect way of jazzing up your look and add some quirky and sassy element to it. No matter how laid back or mundane your outfit looks, these piercings will ensure you look all jazzed up.

If you are set to get your ears pierced but are confused about what style to go for, then we are here to help you out. To give you some idea on a few of the piercing styles, we have curated them in a list below. Keep on reading to know about them.

Industrial ear piercing

An industrial piercing is a type of piercing which involves getting two holes in the outer cartilage of your upper ear; it is also known as scaffold piercing. There is no other style that can match the uber-cool looks of this ear piercing and add some edgy effect to the look. Basically, a thick silver wire is passed through the holes which connect them together. Usually, a barbell or arrow-shaped earring is used for the piercing.

Daith ear piercing

This type of piercing is done in the most inner part of your cartilage. Usually, a ring is passed through the cartilage, and the earring sits on it. The idea of getting this piercing done may seem very horrifying to some, but once you get done with the business, you will observe it wasn’t as painful as it was expected to be. Daith piercing is also believed to alleviate migraine and severe headaches, however, there’s no found evidence till now.

Conch piercing

Conch piercing is done in the middle section of your ear between the helix and the anti-helix. This type of piercing looks very eye-catching and is considered to be very versatile. This can be done in two ways, inner or outer piercings, you can pick the style that looks the best to you. Even though inner conch piercing is more popular, but you can also go with the other style where the hoop starts from the middle of your ear whilst covering your outer cartilage. For a subtle effect, you can choose to go with a single stud earring in case of inner conch, and for dramatic effect, you can go ahead with double studs if you can bear some more pain.

Snug piercing

Snug piercing involves the perforation of your inner cartilage, or you can alternatively call it anti-helix. If you are someone who is into a unique piercing style, then this may be the right choice for you to try this season. As the name suggests, the hoop earring snuggles up to your ear and looks very elegant with your other earring pieces. Such type of piercing is ideal for micro jewelry, such as hanging ball earring or a quirky ring.

Helix ear piercing

For all those people who want to go higher on their lobe, this piercing style is the perfect choice for you. It is done on the upper side of your outer cartilage. This type of piercing style was a very common and popular choice during the ’90s and 2000s. Some like to keep it simple with one helix piercing, and some like to double or triple the effect by opting for multiple helix piercing. No matter, what style you opt for, one thing is for sure you are only going to end up looking very spunky and stylish.

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