5 outfits that you can rock to a party

Just the name party excites us to a whole new level. With the party comes the responsibility of finding that perfect dress. With different outfit options available, one can choose to wear whatever she feels the most comfortable in. but while comfort being your priority you should not forget to look stylish and confident at the same time. Whether it’s a day time party or a night time party, you can totally rock these outfits with no worries.


The safest outfit one could wear to a party is a dress. You can never go wrong with a nice dress whether it’s for day time or night time.

Day time outfit- for day time party you can choose to go a little plain and light with your dress. Light-colored outfits look softer and cooler during day time, especially during hot weather. From halter and wrap dresses to bodycon and pencil dresses, you can go for any of these.

Nighttime outfit- LBD is a very classic option to wear to a party, it certainly looks very classy and elegant at the same time. Apart from this, you can either go bling or chic way totally your call. Few options being slip dresses, tube dresses, mini dresses etc. you can go bright with colors for your night time party outfits.


Ankle or floor-length dresses look very elegant and classy at the same time. You can easily wear it to a party at any time of the day.

Day time outfit- maxi can be easily carried during day time. it looks very stylish and sophisticated. It doesn’t give those typical formal vibes but looks nice during a day time party.

Nighttime outfit- for night time you can opt for an evening gown, it looks very classy and formal. So these are worn best at a formal evening party.


A nice skirt paired with a fancy top can make for a nice party outfit. It looks good during both the day time and night time. These are available in a number of styles and can be styled in many different ways.

Day time outfit- during day time we would like to go a little simple for the choice of a skirt and not go overboard with those dramatic colors or designs. For day time you can opt for a tulle skirt, flared skirt and even a maxi skirt. You can pair it with a nice blouse or a tee shirt for some Casual vibes.

Nighttime outfit- you can go a little bold with the choice of a skirt for night time party. From bling to bright colors, you can opt for these without much thought. Mini skirts are most popular amongst the girls. You can complete the look by pairing it with a nice blouse like tube tops, halter neck tops, strap tops, etc. to add that extra oomph factor.


With being available in many different styles, this is the perfect outfit for every occasion. Very easy and comfortable to wear, it can be worn at any time of the day.

Day time outfit- Romper is a nice option to carry during day party. You can also go for a nice jumpsuit which doesn’t look over the top. The key to a perfect day party outfit is to keep it a little subtle. Leave all that bling and popping colors for the night.

Nighttime outfit- a fancy jumpsuit always comes in handy, if you are looking to wear something different from the rest of people. Not everybody wears a jumpsuit for the party, so when you wear it, wear it with confidence. Opt for strapless, halter neck, wide-legged jumpsuits.


Not everybody likes to wear all those fancy stuff like dresses or skirts. Some find their comfort in jeans and mind you, it can make for a really nice outfit during a party too. Carry it with a nice blouse and slide into a pair of nice heels. Tadaaa!! You are good to go.

Day time outfit- Wear nice jeans. Pair it with either a fancy blouse which again shouldn’t be too dramatic for a day time outfit or wear a nice fancy jacket over a blouse for some formal or semi look.

Nighttime outfit- Pair your jeans with a fancy blouse. Apply some makeup and bold lipstick, slip into a nice pair of heels and you are off to the party.

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