5 Good reasons to trade your regular cleanser with micellar water

Finding a face cleanser that ticks all the right boxes can be a really difficult task. Given the fact that a cleanser forms a base of an effective skincare routine, you can’t really risk going wrong with the choice of your cleanser. There’s no dearth of options in the market when it comes to cleansers, but it’s crucial to invest in the right cleanser in order to achieve the desired results. A cleanser’s job is to eliminate dirt, oil, and other impurities from the face, but if your face starts to feel really dry and tight post using it, chances are you have been using the wrong cleanser.

Owing to the presence of certain ingredients in some cleansers, they tend to leave the skin dry and tight. Hence, it’s important to identify such ingredients and steer clear of them. Alternatively, you can stop using your regular cleanser and swap it with micellar water instead. Yes, you heard that right. You can use micellar water as an alternative to your regular cleanser, and surprisingly, micellar water works much more effectively than your regular cleanser. If you are still not convinced, then make sure to read through the article below, as we have listed some reasons that may convince you to make this switch.


Erases makeup thoroughly

The first thing you need to know about micellar water is it is mostly made up of purified water, and at the same time, it is packed with micelles (tiny oil molecules) that make it so much easier to remove makeup thoroughly. The micelles present in micellar water help draw all the dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities from your skin without any tugging and pulling.


Doesn’t feel drying on the skin

The biggest problem with some cleansers is they tend to dry out the skin post their use and also lead to itchiness and tightness. If you experience these things after washing your face with your regular cleanser, then you should definitely consider switching to micellar water. Unlike your traditional cleansers, micellar water doesn’t dry out your skin, and that can be attributed to the absence of soap, alcohol, or other harsh ingredients in the product.


Keeps acne at bay

The accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and oil on your skin often ends up clogging your pores, which in turn, leads to acne. The best way to draw out all the dirt, oil, bacteria, and other impurities settled within your pores is by using micellar water. Micellar water helps deep cleanse your skin, thereby preventing clogged pores and acne. Additionally, micellar water doesn’t rob your skin of its natural moisture, which keeps your skin’s pH balance maintained and therefore reduces the chances of breakouts.


Suits all skin types

One of the best things about micellar water is it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Finding a suitable cleanser for women with acne or rosacea-prone skin can be a real task. But micellar water doesn’t pose any such issue to any skin type, including the most sensitive skin. In fact, micellar water feels very gentle on the skin, and it is also known for its non-stripping nature.


No-rinse formula

Unlike traditional cleansers, micellar water doesn’t need to be rinsed with water. It has a no-rinse formula, which makes this product the perfect travel buddy, especially for people who like to travel light. After using the product, you won’t need to rinse it with water or follow it up with different cleaning products. Micellar water single-handedly will be able to help clean and refresh your face.

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