5 Chic ways to style a basic white shirt like a pro

A basic white shirt is one staple item that almost every woman has in their wardrobes. Call them for their simplicity or versatility. This one shirt can be styled in a myriad of ways and will always remain a timeless wardrobe essential. It comes as a savior on days when we can’t decide on what to wear. Pair it with denim or skirt, you can totally work that chic look like a pro. Using a little creativity of yours or some fashion inspiration, you can turn a dull and mundane outfit worthy of all the compliments that will be coming your way.

To give you some inspiration, we have rounded up a list of 5 ways to style your basic white shirt.


Nothing looks chicer and easy-going than a white shirt and denims paired together. These two together, go hand in hand. Tuck it in or tuck in down, whatever suits your fashion buds. This outfit also makes for a great ensemble for both evening or day time outing with the right accessories. This simple outfit can actually make a statement because of how effortless it look if worn the right way. You can complete off the look by going a little bold with a red lipstick and glossy black pointed pumps.


Wear it with a skirt of any length and you are going to look uber cool. From mini and knee-length skirt to long and maxi skirt, it literally goes with everything. Wear it to the office with a pencil skirt or to a date night with a wrap skirt, it just looks so stylish and fancy with the right amount of accessories. Pair it with a nice pair of heels and you are good to go in both the cases.

You can also go a little experimental by playing with the neckline of your shirt. Open the top buttons of your shirt and pull the shirt around your shoulders to reveal some skin for that sultry and playful vibes.


Nothing looks more professional and elegant than a white shirt worn with a blazer. It makes for a perfect interview or workplace outfit. Pair it with denim, trousers or skirt, just make sure everything looks put together.


To add some character to your otherwise plain outfit, you can add a layer of an oversized white shirt over a crop top. Either paired with trousers or a skirt, an added effect of a white shirt completely changes the whole vibe of the ensemble. The key to achieving the right look is to pair it with high waisted trousers.


You might get confused at the sound of this, basically what I mean to say is to wear it by tying the bottom of your shirt around the waist. Shirts which are easy to be tied in a knot, work the best here. Satin silk, cotton, and sheer fabric shirts look very classy when styled this way with a statement skirt.

And the styling ideas would not just end here, style your shirt the way you want and you will never run out of different outfit options.

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