The Quickest Nighttime Skincare Regime

To wake up with the glowing skin it’s really important you follow an effective nighttime skincare routine. And, by an effective night skincare routine, we didn’t mean that you have to spend 20 minutes applying 10 different skincare products to make your skincare sound effective.
You must have seen the influencers applying a bunch of skincare products in the nighttime that can compel you to do so but that’s not a practical skincare regime, we mean you can’t do it every night we all feel lazy to even remove our makeup how can we follow a complex nighttime routine, we hope that makes a sense! Keeping that in mind the feed is all about simple, quick, and a much more practical nighttime skincare routine that you can religiously stick to.
So, here we have gathered the quickest, simplest, and effective nighttime skincare routine that will surely wake you up with healthy and glowing skin. Keep scrolling!

Step One: Remove your Makeup

It’s a really important step in your nighttime skincare routine. To reap the benefits of other skincare products it’s really important you start by removing everything you have applied to your skin. Yes, even your mascara and eyeliners. We often neglect the eye area but as it’s important to remove the makeup on the rest of your face so it is to remove your eye makeup. Even focus around your nose, we don’t want any clogging of pores, right?

Step Two: 

The next step is to cleanse your face and for that, we would recommend you use a water-based cleanser. Water-based cleansers help to get rid of free radicals at the end of the day as our skin is exposed to free radicals throughout the day so it’s really very crucial to remove these before hitting the bed.
If you want to follow double cleansing you can switch towards oil-based cleanser first followed by a water-based cleanser.

Step Three: Toner

Instead of regularly using a toner we would recommend you use an exfoliating toner every alternate night. Exfoliating toners are infused with exfoliating chemicals that work by getting rid of all the dead skin cells and any kind of texture on the skin. If you go for AHA/BHA toners you might see a significant reduction in the pore size also.
But, make sure you’re using it every alternate as using it daily can lead to over-exfoliation.

Step Four: Serum

The night is the time when your skin heels so always incorporate active acids in your nighttime regime. By using active acids you can see a huge world of difference in your skin. You can opt for Niacinamide based serums. Niacinamide is packed with a lot of skin benefits from controlling sebum production, reducing the size of pores, post-acne-marks, to redness this ingredient does a world of good to your skin. Even if you are new to active acids Niacinamide is a great start.
But, one thing Niacinamide works slowly so be a little patient while using it.

Step Five: Moisturize

Moisturizing is another key step in your skincare routine but if you’re using active ingredients such as Niacinamide we would suggest you go light with moisturizers and ditch your heavy night creams. We don’t want to layer our skin unnecessarily when actually everything is done by our star active acids.
To lock the active ingredients well into your skin apply a light moisturizer onto your skin. When you’re using Niacinamide make sure the moisturizer you use is mild and not infused with vitamin C as vitamin C and Niacinamide if used in conjunction can nullify the effect of each other.

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